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How to Photograph Flowers With Compact Camera

How to Photograph
  Flowers with Your Compact Camera

Flowers , The Beautiful creation of Nature to capture with compact camera For Memories and to show our Photography skill to friends and family. so we need some small tricks to capture these little delicate beauties like a professional Photographer.

As i always say "you don't need a Very Good Camera to take Good Photograph, but you need Good Photography Skill to Take Good Photograph"

1. Go Close to The Flower, (most of Mobile Camera may not allow close-up, so as much as possible ),  Use Macro Pre set of your compact camera , this setting is Indicated with a Flower on mode selectors Menu / Round Dial out side of your camera.  This will give you a detail view , more possible angles to Photograph the same flower and most of the time you will end-up exploring something new in the same flower. Macro setting will give details in close-up photographs. BUT WHEN YOU START MACRO YOU NEED GOOD LIGHT , so initially try this in bright day light only. (Never forget to reset your camera back to Normal Auto or Manual mode)

2. Use different angle , most of the time we just photograph Flowers  standing and hands holding camera at 45* angle toward flowers. My Dear People that is the Eating angle , used for Photographing Food on Table and  Not The Flowers. Shoot a from waist Level means sit on your knees and hold camera at 0* angle Horizontal or directly parallel to Flower , or think something different like shooting from Down to Up (Lay down on Ground and Shoot the Flower from Down to Upward capturing its Back Portion and Back Lighting on Petals ), Include the Blue Sky , or some Lighted Window as background.

3. Try to capture your Flower in MORNING or in EVENING LIGHT. They are the Golden Time when any shot looks naturally good because of Angle at which the light is Coming toward your Flower and The Color of Light . Specially Around 4:30pm - 5:30pm Evening when Harsh sun is down and a soft white light is present all around. A rainy or cloudy day gives you more freedom with time.

 Do not use flash , as this will over expose small flower, you will end up with a Shadow of whole tree or Flower on Background , with extended depth of field (area in sharp focus) which will gather un-unnecessary things in background . (If shooting in Auto still you can switch off flash in most of the compact camera)

These small things will make big difference in your skill and remember always try to do some editing after taking a photograph , like crop to eliminate unwanted objects from sides. 

A compact camera is a small camera packed with features and some limitation as well as gives you some freedom. Please concentrate on Small Camera , With Features , Limitation and Freedom , Small cameras now a day are more and more close to DSLR so you have a powerful gadget never blame it for bad picture, it has a limitation of little less sensitivity for Light but still you will have great freedom of moving camera easily in all side (down to up style) , and easy to carry anywhere which is most of the time not possible with DSLR.    

Enjoy Shooting Flowers , Make them Look More Beautiful.
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