Saturday, 13 October 2012

Mobile Phone Photography

Technology has changed everything , and things around us have pushed companies to bring changes in their Technology.
so we have Mobile Cameras
Small, Handy and most important "Available every Minute and Second with us" But do we realy understand our mobile camera ?
Many a times we encounter a problem that in night and low light condition our Mobile camera
produce very low quality , blur and Extra Grainy Photograph.
We get Blur Photograph in Day Light .
Their are Many Issues with Mobile Camera....So what is the solution??

My Suggestions
When Your Buying Mobile 
1. When We Buy Mobile  with a  Good Camera then always buy 
    Mobile with High Resolution like   5 megapixal or Plus with Flash. If you have a
    option of Better Optics Like Carl-Zeiss Lens or Large Aperture like 2.8  you should 
    buy those mobile.2. Learn Photoshop Basic Editing. A digital Photograph always need Editing in Software,
    to get rid of the verious problems attached to all digital Photographs.
When you are Taking a Photograph 
3. Use Flash from Correct distance in low light [ to brighten up the
     subject and prevent over exposure ]
     and in day light [ to brighten up the Shadows in against the Sun or
      Bright Background Photographs ]
4. Do not Zoom , as 95% mobile cameras have Digital Zoom which eventualy reduce the quality of
    your Photograph. 
5. Don't Do Editing in Mobile , 

And Last But Not The Least

Learn Basic of Photography.

Question are Invited.

All Photographs taken From Blackberry 9360 [5mp camera with flash]

Dr.Mousam Jefferin  ©2012

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