Monday, 15 October 2012

Dilemma of Mega -Pixal

Dilemma of Mega-Pixel

Whenever we go to a Digital Camera Shop, out first concern is to get a very high Mega-Pixel Digital Camera. Our Shop Keepers and Companies also act in a same way and we get the expected answers (with stress on Numbers)  "Sir/Madam this is 12 Mega-Pixel Digital Camera or  14 Mega-Pixel Camera"  and we pay heavy price from our pocket .

Do you know   Mega-Pixel has nothing to do with Clearity and Quality of your Photograph.

Very Sad and shocking but true..... 

1. Mega-Pixel is only for  Enlargement or BIG , BIGGER, and BIGGER PRINTS of your photograph.

Like Photograph of a 12 mega-pixel camera can be enlarger up to A4 (Photocopy paper) size , or 14 and 16 Megapixel Photograph is Good enough to Enlarge upto Newspaper Page Size Prints.(Off-course viewing distance also matters a lot)
how many times do we make such big prints ??
Not even twice in whole life of the camera.
so why you want a very high Megapixel camera??

2. Quality of a Photograph Depends on The (a) Lens  (b) Processor of Camera  (c) Processing in Printing Lab.
   (a)Lens - Any Digital camera can take Clear Photograph if having a good 
                Lens. Like some Big Names "Carl-Ziess, Canon-EF, Nikkor lens 
                of -Nikon, Leica in Panasonic,  OlympusSchneider kreuznach in  
                Samsung & Kodak, Fujinon " All of them are good and have 
                difference of 1 or 2% in quality which is negligible . 
                so before Next perches Watch the Lens Name on Camera Lens.
   (b) Processor of Camera - The Processor of camera Matters more then 
               Lens . because this is the Chip where picture is created. if your 
               digital camera processor is old or of previous generation you will 
               never get a better quality photograph. So buy the lattest processor
               available st the time of buying like at present DIGIC 4 Canon, 
               EXPEED C3 Nikon, Truepic 4 Olympus, BIONZ of Sony. This is the 
               Place where most of the work done by your camera to produce 
               clear bright sharp and good looking photograph.
   (c) Processing in Printing Lab.- This is something which you can only expect
              to be good and upto date for your latest camera. got to some
              good professional or better Online Printing site and get your 
              Photograph clear and of Good Quality .

Advertising Mega-Pixel is more of a Marketing strategy then technical point for companies so don't get confuse . 
Another Important thing ZOOM is not a Important criteria for buying costly camera. cos digital zoom or even optical zoom will ultimately reduce the photo quality because it will increases the chances of hand shake with every zoom point. Zoom is useful for Wide Animal Shoots (Wildlife) (and for Photographing Urban Girls from distance without getting noticed) so please choose your camera according to your style of Photography. 

Can you make the Deference of Mega-pixel in these 2 Photograph

one is taken from 7.2 Mega-pixel Compact camera another by 14.2 Mega-pixel DSLR , Please tell me which one is from compact camera ?

Suggetions and Questions are Invited .

Dr.Mousam Jefferin


  1. I think the second one is taken by compact..

    1. Sorry Dear That is By DSLR NIKON 3100. First Image is of compact camera of 7.2MP.