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SHUTTER SPEED of Your Camera


For all Practical Purposes it is the time duretion for which the light falls on your Image Sensor plate or Mega Pixel Sensor to create a image.
How it happens ---- In Digital Camera Shutter and Aperture both are built together in one mechanical part . Actually it is a Aperture which opens up to a Pre Defined size when you click or take a shot .( In Auto Setting - Camera decide the size and In Manuel Setting -- Photographer Decide the size of Aperture )
  Now this mechanical part has a spring which immediately close it back . 
this whole process is called Shutter Release so ...  
"  The Time For Which The Aperture Opens and Closes is Called Shutter Speed ."
 Within this Time the Light enters the Camera and create an image. If Shutter Speed is Slow -- means the Aperture stay open for long duration ( because opening and closing time is slow or long )  More amount of light will enter and will Create Bright Image and Vice versa .
 so Slow Shutter will Create Bright Image and Fast Shutter will Create Dark Image
Slow Shutter wont be able to freeze action of Subject, in other words A Slow Shutter will Produce Blur in Photo because of Subject Moment and Fast Shutter will Catch the Moment and produce Sharp Photo.
Calculation and Symbol--- 1sec, 1/2sec., 0 Sec, 1/4sec,1/10Sec, 1/20sec, 1/200, 1/500 goes upto 1/2000, so this means 1 sec is slowest shutter speed and 1/2000 sec is fastest. bbecause its 2000 part of a 1 sec.

Just look at the Water in these Photographs
Faster Shutter Speed

Slow Shutter Speed

See in a same Photograph Speed of Shutter is  fast thats why it has captured the action of water flow.
But in Second Photo Speed is Slow so flow of water is blurry and it looks like milky or foggy.

To Understand Shutter and Aperture we need to read them both at same time. its very easy. once you get full understanding of Aperture. you can take good photo by any camera.


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